Do Whales do Yoga?

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You have to wonder where all the om’ing started and I think I have the answer, I’m pretty sure that whales do yoga.

How do I know?

Well, while struggling through yoga today, I was rewarded with the mac daddy of yoga, the shavasanah. Ahhhh, I love this part, it’s my favourite. The corpse pose. I don’t even care that it has such a scary handle, I live for it.

You lie there dead, at the end of the practice. Everything feels really cool. it’s all tingly etc.

This new studio I’ve just joined (and paid for a month so I’ll actually go) has some pretty nice, modern ideas. The poses were different and kind of fun, when I wasn’t swearing at the instructor under my breath.

But during the shavasanah I had a relalation, no, an epiphany! I realized that whales are the original yogis! No joke.

Seriously, have you ever listened to the chanting stuff that they play at the end of yoga? That quasi-music that isn’t waves or birds but sounds a bit like humming. I think it might be monks chanting but it seems to vibrate right through the centre of your heart (that’s if you’re doing it right and not fighting your inner type A. Which I tried today)

I love this music stuff. Feels good. Feels like a mini vibrator on my chest. But guess what? It also sounds just like whales. You know that new age weird junk that people have cd’s of or special music players that help them fall asleep. Same sounds!

Now I’m convinced that whales have it all figured out. Ooooohhhhhhmmmmmm!!!!! (oops, probably shouldn’t have exclamation marks after that, it’s not very zen J

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