Is the Isagenix Cleanse a scam?

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Have you been searching around the internet to find out if the Isagenix Cleanse is a scam or not? I did the same thing. I looked all over the place, found a ton of articles on the cleanse and was unable to find anything about it being a scam.

Like most women I think I’m fat. I actually don’t think I look that bad but then I’ll see a photo I wasn’t ready for and BAMB! “Holy crap! Is that my ass???”

These photos occasionally are shoved in front of my face by well-wishing Facebook friends who think that it looks fine. That’s because they see me the same way the photo does. I, on the other hand, see me as a size 8, sometimes even size 6, athletically built goddess. Imagine my shock when I realize it’s closer to size 14! Stupid friends. Stop showing me photos of myself. So mean!

So, after an exhaustive (20 min) search of finding only really great things to say about Isagenix, and seeing the results my good friend Jill had, I decided it was time for me to get my shit together and start doing something to improve the waistline.

It didn’t hurt that Jill runs a cool ski trip to South American each year and has been making comments about me joining them this year. That’s pretty serious motivation for me. I’m not in good enough shape to ski for 6 straight days at the moment so a trip to Argentina to ski was just the right kind of kick in the ass I’d need to get said shit together.

Just a little background (I’m not going to give you a sales pitch, there are plenty of them around. This is just stuff I’ve learned about Isagenix while searching) First of all, Isagenix isn’t just a diet. It’s more like a healthy cleanse. I know that there are a lot of other ones out there ┬áthat claim to be healthy too, like Wild Rose, but Isagenix really is what it says it is.

(NB: have you done the Wild Rose? Those pills you take to “regulate” your bowels are scary! Sure they regulate you but usually when you’re stuck in traffic or on a hike or something. The only way I can do Wild Rose is if I strap a toilet to my back. Which is also tough to hike with)

Isagenix is apparently (and I could be wrong here but I read this on the internet so it must be true ;) the only cleanse that the Canadian Ministry of Health has given it’s seal of approval to. That’s saying something because those Ministry of Health peeps in Ottawa are not generous with their seals.

I figured that the only way to give you a real taste of what it’s like to do the cleanse is to keep a bit of a blog journal. That way you can follow along as I plunge into dieting hell and know exactly what you’d be getting into before you decide if this is the thing for you.

So, read along as I post about Cleansing with Isagenix. It should at least be entertaining!

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