I’m not happy for you!

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Ok, I realize that the focus of the blog, to date, has been dieting but you write what you know and, right now, that’s what I know.

Tell the truth, when you see a friend you haven’t seen in a while and she’s lost weight what is the very first thing that pops into your head? Try not to bullshit here because it’s an important point.

I bet you think “I’m not happy for you, you skinny bitch!” But your mouth says “Wow, you look great! You’ve lost so much weight!”

God, you’re such a liar!

Truth be told, that is definitely me. It gets worse if she says something stupid like “Oh, I’ve just been watching what I eat and exercising.” when really, you know, that she’s been at Weight Watchers or on The Zone or whatever.

I have the same reaction when someone tells me their going on vacation or buying a new house. I’m jealous. I admit it. I’m “man” enough to own that.

It’s brutal though, this mind of mine. I know it’s a self-confidence thing to be jealous of someone who loses weight or buys a new home or goes on vacation. I’m just judging what I perceive to be my own failings. But hell, it’s just so much easier to blame her.

Enjoy your day today and try not be a bitch, at least on the outside. ;)

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