Should 11 year olds be allowed on Facebook?

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Seriously! If one more of my 11 year old’s pals tries to “friend” me on Facebook I’m gonna lose it! Where are the parents? I can only assume that parents who let their kids be on FB must not be on the site themselves. Right? Right?

Guess again. Most of the kids have parents on FB too. WTF?! The very last person on earth I want to see the tagged photos of me dancing on a table at a bar in Whistler is my 11 year old! The 2nd last people are her friends.

In fact, I think the friends would be the last people who should see this. I can just see it now…

Friend: “Hey Layne, I saw your mom puked all over some dudes Mercedes because she ate too many grapes soaked in Lychee liqueur the other night. Ha ha ha, what a loser!”

Layne: “What? Where did you see that?”

Friend: “It’s all over Facebook and I’m tweeting it to everyone you know, plus, I found a video of someone else doing it and I’m putting your mom’s face on her so I can add it to my youtube channel.”

Layne: “ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!…I want to die now please.”

Attention all 11 year olds. Don’t try to friend me on FB. FB is not for kids! Tricks are for kids!

Love Jacquie.

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