May 25 2010

Kevin Costner to Bail out Gulf Oil Spill

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May 25 2010

Potential Best Pal or Casual Acquaintance?

Do you ever meet someone you think might become a good friend only to find out, over the next few meetings, that perhaps they do not share your enthusiasm?

I’m friendly. I’m fun. I pay most of my taxes. What’s not to love about me?

I’m gregarious, funny, not horrid to gaze upon. I don’t smell bad or talk endlessly about my kids. I rarely gossip (unless it’s a really juicy tidbit that won’t hurt anyone) I make my bed, I honour the environment and my fellow (wo)man.

What the hell else is there?

Context: recently I met a person who I thought I’d have a lot in common with. This person seems super nice and friendly and I thought that we hit it off pretty well. However, over the course of several other meetings I have begun to feel that maybe I am annoying her/him.

Generally I don’t think that “annoying” is an adjective attached to me. That said, it’s unlikely that annoying people would even know that they are annoying otherwise they likely wouldn’t be so annoying…hmmm, need to ponder that for a moment.

The “person of interest” seems to now cut our conversations short or nods a completely benign smile my way. If I were going to utilize all that personal growth malarkey I’ve invested in, I’d just chalk it up to the person wanting to keep a professional distance or maybe they’re just too busy for new friends.

I can rationalize it any way I like but the fact is that I’m feeling somewhat put out by this, this, this…I can’t even put my finger on it. Indifference (turns out I can put my finger on it! Ha, yay me.)

Anyway, I doubt I will often use my blog to rant about the insecurities of the human condition. I am usually on the other end offering advice on how not to let the small nonsense get to you. I hope no one I gave that advice to is reading this post :)

Tomorrow is another day. I will most definitely see the “person of interest” and I vow to be somewhat less friendly than in past meetings. I figure he/she will likely not notice in which case I will have definitive proof that I am not a lunatic.