I Wanna Be a Billionaire…So Freakin’ Baaaaad

Ok, that’s not really true. I don’t want to be a billionaire at all. In fact, a quasi-millionaire would suit me just fine.

I don’t need to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine smilin’ next to Oprah and the Queen. I’m not a monarchist. What do I care about the Queen?  And really, what would we talk about anyway?

Me: “Nice crown”

Queen: “Ehmmm, I like your shoes.”


I do, however, like most people want to live a comfortable life. I often think about what I’d do if I won the lottery. Don’t we all?

This coming week the lottery in Canada (called Super Max) is somewhere around $90 million. Which is crazy huge for us. We don’t have powerball or anything here so $90 mil is a purdy penny.

Even though I buy the tickets I have come to believe, over time, that winning the lottery is likely not something I can rely on for my retirement years. Neither do I think that my kids will become professional sports players and set me up for life.

The only real fall back plan is the demise of my parents. (shut up! don’t tell me you’ve never thought of that! Even Stuart Copeland wrote about it in one of his books. I think he called it something like “kill them off and slice the pie”. Which, while morally reprehensible, is something that people think about.

That said and since I’d like my parental units to stick around for quite some time I don’t think I should rely on this as a way to buy a house, go on vacations, pay of debt etc.

So, what to do?

As with so many people, I want to make money from the internet. There are ways to do it. Lots of ways. Lots of the stuff you read are scams. It’s taken me a long, long time to find something that interests me enough to actually sink a bit of money into exploring.

Starting tomorrow I’m going be getting up at 7am so I can put 2 hours/day toward my new venture. Based on everything you hear about MLM, 2 hours/day should be sufficient to get the ball rolling.

I’m looking forward to it. I like to work. Especially if the kids are in bed and I’m not taking time away from them.

I’m going to be posting…A LOT! about this new world I’m about to enter. I have to actually start a new category just for MLM so, at some point, people can follow along from the beginning to the mad success story that comes from this.

(ever the optimist!)

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