Tim Hortons “Sustainability Report” Full of Corporate Rhetoric

At the beginning of this week I wrote a blog post about Tim Horton’s dreadful sustainability efforts.

I haven’t heard from Tim’s.

I realize it may sound somewhat snooty to think that I would but if Tim Hortons has a social media team that monitors their brand online then there is really no reason why they should not be able to find the article and comment, or at the very least, contact me.

In fact, rather than being passive aggressive I also tried to add Director of Public Affairs, David Morelli, to my Linked In network, sending him a link to the article for his perusal.

Still nothing.

I heard today that a friend has forwarded the article to someone that should know if Tims is monitoring their brand online. Again, nothing.

So despite my efforts to get this in front of the corporate team (I even posted it, with a link, on their Facebook page and received “likes” from the general public.) I have heard nothing.

What’s even more interesting is that today Tim Hortons, through their Facebook page, announced their Sustainability and Responsibility Report.


While I applaud the notion of such a report I am dismally disappointed in this execution. The first 20 pages are filled with corporate cheerleading and pats on the back for their great initiatives. There are lots of nice graphs too, to break up the monotony of the 85 pages of “Look how great we’re doing!”.


I’m so much more disappointed now than I was before this report was published. First of all, who wants to read 85 pages of this nonesense when all one has to do to see if Tim Hortons is sustainable is simply walk a block or two to the nearest restaurant and take a look in the garbage bin?

Secondly, it’s clear this report has been written to applaud the corporate initiatives to shareholders and board members. It’s not written for the general public and it’s either laziness or apathy that has allowed someone to post this to their site and claim it answers all the sustainability questions.

There are pages and pages on what they have been doing to create this report. How the “commitment” and “goals” have been determined. And while they claim that sustainability is written into their core values one is hard-pressed to understand if they simply mean sustaining Tim Hortons restaurants rather than any sort of environmental responsibility.

Come on Tim Hortons! We want you to succeed. We want you to be a leader in Canada. We’re cheering for you! Why aren’t you paying attention to us?

Believe me, I know the frustration of bureaucratic paralysis. I get that pushing initiatives through a giant corporate machine is an exercise in patience and manipulation. But this is too important to make such a mess of.

I’m confident that I could put together a team of trainers and experts who could turn Tims into a corporate leader rather than an embarrassment to those of us who believe that Canada deserves a better role model.

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