Jan 5 2015

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So this is my “personal” blog. You can see from the content that much of what is written here is about my life or my kids or the dog or yoga or skiing or other junk that isn’t really appropriate for my “business” blog.

I like to write so I created this several years ago when I used to say “I’m a writer” but realized I didn’t actually write.

There are something like 84 posts on this page, all of which I’ve written myself. Some are political, some emotional, some about raising amazing kids, some about the frustrations of getting older but mostly they’re about just how awesome life is.

This one is a bit more serious but, perhaps, the most important.

About 20 months ago my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Crohn‘s disease. It’s a pretty “shitty” (pun intended) disease. I won’t go into details here but, suffice to say, she was really very sick.

At the time we did everything possible to make sure that she not only got better but that she didn’t allow Crohn’s to stand in  her way. Since her diagnosis (she weighed 48lbs on May 3, 2013 at 11 years old) she has battled her way back to be a world-class, elite athlete, an accomplished Grade 8 student and an all-round epic kid. She even counsels other kids with Crohn’s.

We put as much of a positive spin on her sitch as we could and she has taken that positivity and run with it. No joke, this kid is amaze-balls.

It’s taken me about 20 months to realize that as much as I like to think I’m teflon, her illness has had a profound effect on me too.

Perhaps it’s timing. I’m 48 so my hormones think they’re hilariously playing silly-buggers with my body. But I think there’s more to it.

I’m only now starting to recognize that my decline in health started around the same time as the diagnosis. Since then I’ve gained about 20lbs, broken my foot, herniated a disc in my neck. I have constant pain in my extremities and my usual workout routine had to be scrapped. Three weeks ago I got the great news that my thyroid was hypo (not hippo) which was just another piece of the puzzle.

Its January 5th and I’m finally figuring out that much of these issues has to do with the latent stress of having a kid with a chronic illness. Its no ones fault, it just sneaks up on you and BAMB! 20 months later you look in the mirror and realize you’ve lost the plot.

The good news is, its all fixable.

If you find that you’re in a similar boat, I have a couple of suggestions that may help. First of all, don’t listen to any western doctors! I went to the doctor, he said “women your age often have a general feeling of malaise”. WHAT THE FUCK?! I, somehow, didn’t tear his head off but, come on! (I also didn’t go find him and flaunt my thyroid test in front of him. He’s old. That would have been mean)

Go see a naturalpath. Seriously. Best thing I ever did. Someone who will listen. Not all NP’s are the same so find someone who has experience with your, particular, issues. I found Julie Durnam and she was amazing. She listened. She had a hunch. She tested me and proved her hunch. Now, she and I are working together to figure things out. For the first time in a long time, I feel like someone actually gives a shit about what’s happening with  me.

(this post is getting a bit too long so….)

Look, if you have a sick kid or you’re freaked out about money or you’re in a crap marriage, don’t sit around thinking you can fix it yourself. You need to go talk to someone who will listen to you. I found Julie. You can definitely find someone who can help. If you don’t have the cash try to do a contra deal. (trade) Dr’s are busy people, they need stuff done too. Who knows, you might prove invaluable to someone who could really help you.

My 2 cents. (the next post will be much better. I think I’ll chronicle the “journey” (hate that word) to recovery…we’ll see.)