Apr 13 2015

Last Night Changed My Life

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Ok, technically speaking, last night did not “change” my life but it certainly gave me pause to think, once again, am I living up to my potential?

I mean, how many of us are “living up to our potential”? Are you? Probably not unless of course you work at the coolest company in the world, Lush,  or you’re a doctor or something super cool like a computer animator…oh wait, they’re not that cool. Shit.

Why did last night “change” (or not) my life?

Last night I saw The Book of Mormon. (the musical, not the actual book) And it blew my fucking mind! You know why? Mostly because of the number of times they used the word “fuck” in a fucking musical! Who says “fuck” in a musical?

For years I’ve been writing a blog about various junk that happens in my life but its very rare that I use the word “fuck”. I SAY it all the fucking time. Just ask my kids. Fuck this, fuck that, fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck. I love the word and I think it still packs some punch when you throw it out there where its completely unexpected…like in a MUSICAL!

I didn’t even sleep much last night thinking about the simple use of one word in an unexpected place in unexpected context. It made me question my entire life. No shit! It really did.

If, in my reg life, I use the word “fuck” all the time then why have I left it out of my writing? Am I afraid that they world is not ready for a fucking essay on the word fuck? Probably. I’m likely worried that a potential writing contract will be tanked by excessive use of such fucking language.

No more!  Nope, that’s it.

I’m finished running from some societal constraint against writing/typing/blogging essays that contain “fuck” in them. I bet, from now on, you’ll see the word fuck in everything I write!

That’s probably a lie but I’d like to think I could slip it in now and again in an unexpected way to add some punch.

And let this be a lesson to all you would be writers or marketers; adding something unexpected and out of context into your work could very well earn you 9 Tony awards…or at least a pat on the back.

p.s. The Book of Mormon is fucking hilarious and if you don’t go see if you’re a fucking douche (oh, look at me! Adding more naughty language…)