Shaye’s Journal

This is for Shaye to keep her Grade 5 journal entries online for Mrs. Carter.


March 12, 2012

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess and well you know she lived in a castle blah blah blah. Now to the interesting part she had only one friend. Her friend was a awkward peasant named Sophie. Sophie’s family was very poor and had a lot ( I mean a lot) of debt to pay. But her father’s farm was not growing anything not even grass! So poor Sophie had to spend her days with the mean, horrible and lonely Princess. Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you the princesses age and name. The princesses name is Jacqueline Rocolo Alahandro Tantrosus Macardo Delancu Gomez. But you can call her Jac for short. :) Her age well she is turning 16 in a week so that makes her 14 :) ( just kinding she is actually 15). Sophie is the same age as Jac. Sophie’s mother Liz (actually Elizabeth) was also forced to work in the castle but her job was not nearly as easy and “fun” as Sophie’s. Sophie’s mother was the royal toilet scrubber and she worked the worst hours. She works from noon till 7:00pm which is the time King Jewlean goes to the bathroom. The worst day is Taco Tuesday because Mexican always makes he extra gassy. :(