Aug 19 2010

How a Homeless Man Named Patrick Taught Me the Secret of Network Marketing

I’m sure it sounds strange that some random homeless man could teach me the secrets of network marketing but I have to tell you about this fella, Patrick, I met today.

Today I was in downtown Vancouver, in a parking lot, meeting a guy who would sell me the Amazing Amazon Kindle because Amazon is out of the 3g Kindles and I need one for my mom’s 80th birthday in a few weeks. I had decided a while ago that it would be the perfect gift, easy to use, holds a billion books and it wouldn’t cost me a bundle to ship it to Ontario where she lives.

But I digress.

The Kindle fella arrived and we stood next to my car, on a gorgeous Vancouver summer day and went over the device. He showed me all the cool stuff it does and then remembered to erase his own settings so mom couldn’t purchase books on his credit card (good move there:)

While we were chatting I mentioned that I was taking my girls to Cupcakes, a store of infinite delectability and a “must do” for us whenever we’re within about 10 miles of the place.

Coincidentally as I was telling the story of the Cupcake company a man named Patrick interrupted us.

Now Patrick was not particularly clean. His hands were dirty and his boots (I snuck a look) were pretty scuffed up. Patrick was clearly a man down on his luck. Although he did not seem drunk or stoned. Just homeless.

Patrick interrupted us to tell me that while Cupcakes did make some spectacular cupcakes, Starbucks (only a block away…this IS Vancouver after all) had equally amazing cakery and was closer and cheaper.

He went on to expound the benefits of going to Starbucks: it was closer, less expensive, I wouldn’t have to find another parking spot etc.

Patrick was providing me with free information on a subject I had shown and interest in.

Hmmmm. Imagine that? Free info with no regard for personal gain but rather an authentic need to help a fellow human being find the perfect cupcake.

I likely would have spoken to Patrick further but I was in the middle of a transaction, my kids were dead set on Cupcakes and, well, Patrick did not really smell that great.

I thanked him for the information and dug in my wallet for a toonie (a $2 Canadian coin that makes having a change compartment in your wallet a must!) Patrick accepted my “payment” for his “service” and was off to McDonald’s to buy a cup of coffee.

I thought about it as I was driving….to Cupcakes of course, that Patrick had just taught me the first lesson of successful network marketing; Provide value to qualified prospects without “selling” them something.

Damn, I wish I’d met Patrick before I’d spent all that money on “how to make money online” ebooks!:)

Thanks Patrick! Enjoy your coffee. If we meet again I will gladly seek out your advice on restaurants and parking spaces in the city.

Aug 6 2010

I Wanna Be a Billionaire So Freakin’ Baaaad

For the last 3 months I have been delving into the world of network marketing.

Ok, stop right there! Some of you read that and thought “Yikes Jac, are you mad? Everyone knows that network marketing is a scam! I thought you were more clever than that.”

First of all, shut the hell up!

Second of all, just kidding about the first one.

When I started checking this out I thought that there must be some sort of scammy aspect to it too. Don’t get me wrong, there are a million people on the internet just waiting to take your cash and run for the hills. The good news is that there are almost as many legit opportunities as there are scammers.

However, I have always felt that there must be a way to make a legitimate living from network marketing. After all, if there wasn’t how could so many people make the claim that they do??

In my heart I am a researcher. I love to learn new stuff, figure out stuff that no one else can figure out, find the answers, teach those answers to others. I’ve even made a descent living at taking complex, technical concepts and turning them into something even an 8 year old can understand (and believe me, I have the perfect test subject for that :)

So when it came to making money on the net I figured I’d just research the crap out of it and see what happens.

Here’s what I found out.

97% of people who start out in network marketing fail. Yikes! (I’ll tell you why later)

There are 3 main ways to make cash on the net; MLM, a top tier opportunity (meaning you sell a high end product like an online course or service) and affiliate marketing.

If you don’t treat network marketing like a proper business, you’ll fail.

If you get into it hoping to make lots of money very quickly, you’ll fail.

If you think you can rake into millions in a year by working part time, you’ll fail. (there may be a time when you can work your business part time but not in the beginning)

If you don’t, very quickly, learn that learning and training is the key to success, you guessed it,  you’ll fail.

There are a handful of industry leaders who are the mac-daddy’s of network marketing (and 300x more people who are not but claim to be)

The product you sell matters less than learning how to sell it. (this is true for just about any sales business) Think of it this way, you have the very best product ever. You have it sitting in your living room. There has never been a better product. However, if you don’t market it properly no one will know anything about it. Marketing is everything! (well, almost everything)

Legitimate companies have an actual, physical, proven product. Scams do not. (more on this later too)

You will not be successful unless your mentor is successful so you need to chose that mentor very wisely. Do your due diligence. Find out who they are, what makes them tick and whether they are concerned with helping you or themselves. Go to their site and see if it’s professionally done. (if they are not willing to spend money on their business why should you?) Speak to them on the phone.

True network marketers are interested in the community of networking, not just selling tons of product.

Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) to promote the heck out of yourself and your company.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. There is so much great information on the web on how to get started and how to run a successful company, you don’t need to figure it all out for yourself.

Do not spend a ton of money up front on anything. I will be posting a list of educational material that will explain everything you need to know about how to get started, for free. Once you have an established web presence you can start to invest in your business. (but not until you know it’s something you want to do. There’s nothing worse than throwing down $$$ only to learn “it’s not for me”.)

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting all that I’ve learned on my other biz blog. It’s going to have pretty much everything you’ll need to know to get going and you won’t have to search high and low to find the info.

One final comment on the scammers. If the company that you are thinking of signing up for does not have a legitimate, physical product and only makes money from signing up and endless stream of people who have to spend money to stay in the game, it’s most likely a pyramid. It’s easy to find out about these. Do a google search but dig deeper than the first page. Remember that, legit or not, these people know how to write for search engines and any real reports will likely be buried deep.

Aug 3 2010

The Best Motivational Video I’ve Seen in Ages!

Jun 23 2010

I Hate Stuff Like This

Look, I know I wax poetic about the power of positive thinking and my neuro-linguistics training doesn’t often allow me to say things like “hate” but it totally burns me up that these things exist.

What am I talking about?

Tweet Attacks. (I’m not including the link cuz it’s stupid and mean and not even remotely in the spirit of what Twitter is meant to be!)

Tweet Attacks is just one example of an automated system that is designed to use a human interaction tool, like Twitter and turn it into a robot.

I don’t even care if the thing produces income, I think it sucks bum.

I’m going to start a new page on my blog entitled “stupid crap on the net that says it will make you money but that really is horrible and causes lack of human interaction” (maybe with a smaller name though. ;)

Stand by for more “outings” of stupid stuff.