May 6 2010

Women are Bitches!

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Look, everyone knows that women are bitches. I’m a woman and even I know it. You know it too, you just may not want to admit it.

Most women, and happily married men, will not admit this out loud. They think there’s some sort of taboo with saying what you mean.  They figure that if they just ignore the fact that women are bitches that they can slip under the radar.

This sort of thinking is flawed though. The reason being that slipping under the radar will make you even more of a target for bitchy behaviour.

Sadly, bitchiness starts out at a super young age. Boys on the playground get into a screaming match, sock each other in the arm or mouth and are best friends 2 seconds later. (I’ve noticed this behaviour in men too but usually there’s blood and beer involved)

Girls, however, are ruthless. 8 year olds routinely hate their best friends for lame reasons. But it’s not quite enough to hate them alone so they have to enlist the help of other girls to hate the ex-best friend. Sometimes this works and sometimes all the other girls turn on her and pull a reverse bitchy.

Ah, the reverse bitchy. It’s a powerful tool in the school yard. It’s like on survivor when everyone thinks they know who to vote for and the one person is gobsmacked when she gets voted off thinking that she was on the right team.

It’s impossible, with girls and women, to know which team is the right team. No joke, you start up a convo in the school yard, as an adult, and you are risking social suicide.

It’s so easy to say the wrong thing about another woman to her best friend!

Where does it all come from I wonder. (actually I don’t wonder, I totally know I was just be rhetorical for literary effect)

It all just comes down to self-confidence. So easy, yet so complicated. Your self-confidence at 8 years old is a mess. Everyone hates you or you have no friends. You’re supposed to be messed up at 8, at 11, even at 18. Mind you, by 18 you should have a healthy blame going for your parents.

For those of you who might think this is baloney (or some other sort of bull) think about it this way; you’re talking to some woman and she makes a comment about a co-worker or other parent or whoever.  As she’s speaking you find yourself agreeing with her, even if you don’t know the person! What does that tell you? Are you so keen on this person liking you that you have to agree with her dis?

Of course you are! We all are. It’s human/women nature. Guys don’t really care as much. They aren’t really as social so they can live without buddy’s opinion and buddy doesn’t really care either as long as they can crack a beer and talk about the game.

Wanna read more about why women are bitches? Hit up my blog. I have a few ways to help you get over your bitchy behaviour and love your life a bit more.