Apr 13 2015

Last Night Changed My Life

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Ok, technically speaking, last night did not “change” my life but it certainly gave me pause to think, once again, am I living up to my potential?

I mean, how many of us are “living up to our potential”? Are you? Probably not unless of course you work at the coolest company in the world, Lush,  or you’re a doctor or something super cool like a computer animator…oh wait, they’re not that cool. Shit.

Why did last night “change” (or not) my life?

Last night I saw The Book of Mormon. (the musical, not the actual book) And it blew my fucking mind! You know why? Mostly because of the number of times they used the word “fuck” in a fucking musical! Who says “fuck” in a musical?

For years I’ve been writing a blog about various junk that happens in my life but its very rare that I use the word “fuck”. I SAY it all the fucking time. Just ask my kids. Fuck this, fuck that, fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck. I love the word and I think it still packs some punch when you throw it out there where its completely unexpected…like in a MUSICAL!

I didn’t even sleep much last night thinking about the simple use of one word in an unexpected place in unexpected context. It made me question my entire life. No shit! It really did.

If, in my reg life, I use the word “fuck” all the time then why have I left it out of my writing? Am I afraid that they world is not ready for a fucking essay on the word fuck? Probably. I’m likely worried that a potential writing contract will be tanked by excessive use of such fucking language.

No more!  Nope, that’s it.

I’m finished running from some societal constraint against writing/typing/blogging essays that contain “fuck” in them. I bet, from now on, you’ll see the word fuck in everything I write!

That’s probably a lie but I’d like to think I could slip it in now and again in an unexpected way to add some punch.

And let this be a lesson to all you would be writers or marketers; adding something unexpected and out of context into your work could very well earn you 9 Tony awards…or at least a pat on the back.

p.s. The Book of Mormon is fucking hilarious and if you don’t go see if you’re a fucking douche (oh, look at me! Adding more naughty language…)


Apr 15 2013

Best Parent Ever!

DSC_0239Ok, I know that this title sounds really boastful and maybe a little smug but I really am the best parent ever….or at least that’s what I’m working toward.

There’s a lot of research that goes into single-parenthood. Lots of academics and psychologists spend a lot of time and a lot of money trying to figure out what makes kids great kids. Why are some kids motivated and curious and others checked-out and bored?

I hear, all the time, about the chemicals in a teenager’s brain. In fact, there seems to be some sort of free-pass to teens because their brains have not yet been wired for reason or even common sense.

I think that’s a load of shite to be honest. (here’s where the smug part comes in :)

I have 2 daughters. They’re 11 and 14. I don’t really know any other kids that are as awesome as they are and I know you may be thinking that I have to say that because I’m their mom but I’ll bet that once this article has been circulated a little there will be enough comments to convince you that they’re pretty much epic. (even if their mom writes massive run-on sentences ;)

When I meet other kids I categorize them into 2 groups: those who can look me in the eye and talk to me and morons. I know, I know, that’s probably not fair but, to be honest, I don’t have time for a kid who isn’t interested enough in me to communicate correctly. Depending on the kid, and the opinions of my kids about them, I may be willing to cut them some slack, but not always.

I have, on several occasions, had people ask me to divulge the secret for raising great kids. Most of the time I just want to say, “you’re too late, you should have started 15 years ago!” I find that there are a lot of parents out there who still think that the way they were raised is enough to raise good kids. WAKE UP!

Things are so different today that you have to adapt.

My mom (who was/is a great parent btw) used to say “I’m not your friend, I’m your mother.” Well guess what? That doesn’t work anymore. You have to be friend and parent nowadays because if you don’t open that friend door and constantly communicate with your kids, from the time they arrive in the world, then you’ll find it impossible to get them to talk to you when they’re teens.

It used to be that our parents thought that our friends should be our confidants. Today, if you’re a teenage girl and you confide in your friend, the minute you piss her off all of your secrets appear in print for the world to see.

Bullying is crazy now. When we were kids it was confined to the hours that you were in front of the bully. Today kids are bullied 24/7 with no relief and no recourse. Can you imagine the stress of this, coupled with no one to help you figure out what to do? God, its must be agonizing.

I don’t think its ever too late to open the door to your kids. You have to really see them. You have to care so much that you are willing to go to bat for them. You have to trust them so they will be trust-worthy. Most of all, you have to love them more than you love yourself and be willing to, literally, put yourself between them and harm.

I love my girls so much that it hurts my heart sometimes. We are closer than anyone I know and we tell each other everything, keep each others confidence and trust each other fully. As a result, my kids are growing up to be the most amazing, beautiful, brilliant citizens of the world.

Imagine how great you would have done (or did do) in life if you always had someone in your corner you could rely on.

Apr 8 2011

Tim Hortons “Sustainability Report” Full of Corporate Rhetoric

At the beginning of this week I wrote a blog post about Tim Horton’s dreadful sustainability efforts.

I haven’t heard from Tim’s.

I realize it may sound somewhat snooty to think that I would but if Tim Hortons has a social media team that monitors their brand online then there is really no reason why they should not be able to find the article and comment, or at the very least, contact me.

In fact, rather than being passive aggressive I also tried to add Director of Public Affairs, David Morelli, to my Linked In network, sending him a link to the article for his perusal.

Still nothing.

I heard today that a friend has forwarded the article to someone that should know if Tims is monitoring their brand online. Again, nothing.

So despite my efforts to get this in front of the corporate team (I even posted it, with a link, on their Facebook page and received “likes” from the general public.) I have heard nothing.

What’s even more interesting is that today Tim Hortons, through their Facebook page, announced their Sustainability and Responsibility Report.


While I applaud the notion of such a report I am dismally disappointed in this execution. The first 20 pages are filled with corporate cheerleading and pats on the back for their great initiatives. There are lots of nice graphs too, to break up the monotony of the 85 pages of “Look how great we’re doing!”.


I’m so much more disappointed now than I was before this report was published. First of all, who wants to read 85 pages of this nonesense when all one has to do to see if Tim Hortons is sustainable is simply walk a block or two to the nearest restaurant and take a look in the garbage bin?

Secondly, it’s clear this report has been written to applaud the corporate initiatives to shareholders and board members. It’s not written for the general public and it’s either laziness or apathy that has allowed someone to post this to their site and claim it answers all the sustainability questions.

There are pages and pages on what they have been doing to create this report. How the “commitment” and “goals” have been determined. And while they claim that sustainability is written into their core values one is hard-pressed to understand if they simply mean sustaining Tim Hortons restaurants rather than any sort of environmental responsibility.

Come on Tim Hortons! We want you to succeed. We want you to be a leader in Canada. We’re cheering for you! Why aren’t you paying attention to us?

Believe me, I know the frustration of bureaucratic paralysis. I get that pushing initiatives through a giant corporate machine is an exercise in patience and manipulation. But this is too important to make such a mess of.

I’m confident that I could put together a team of trainers and experts who could turn Tims into a corporate leader rather than an embarrassment to those of us who believe that Canada deserves a better role model.

Mar 21 2011

Can Social Media Buy Me, Us, You a House? Part 3

So a few things have happened since my last post about Social Media having the power to buy one a house (one being any”one” not just me)

The first thing that happened is I put an ad on Craigslist. I said that I am the mom of 2 cool kids and that I want to move to the area. I didn’t really expect anyone to come back with an offer to buy me a house but I did hope that someone who was looking to rent their place would find my ad and ring me up.

A really cool thing happened! A woman, in the right part of town, answered my ad! Now, her home is big, really big and it’s beautiful, really beautiful and, well, it’s just too expensive. That said, we had a great chat and found out we have similar business interests. Who knows, it might end up that we become great friends and business associates.

So while the CL ad did not find me a house…yet, it may very well have found my a great new business contact and friend.


The thing about the house offer got me thinking though. At the moment I pay about $1300/month in rent. I expect that, in the new part of town which is more expensive, I’ll have to pay somewhere in the area of $2,000/month for something a wee bit nicer than where we’re at.

My business is going very well and I don’t expect that the added expense will be a lot to contend with. What burns me up though is that I would be more than happy to up that if it meant some sort of equity share.

There must be people out there who are in a situation where they cannot sell their home for what they want or who are downsizing and want to enable someone else to own their own home. I am pretty confident that these people exist, we just have to find them.

This week is going to be about networking. I’m going to a major networking conference in Vancouver on Thursday called Twestival and am hoping to make the kind of contacts that will propel my business to the next level.

I’ll add them to the myriad of very cool people I know already and I will work all of them for a solution to solve my housing expectations.

I can do this because I am always, without fail, ready to help anyone who asks. To me that’s what social networking is all about. Provide value, provide value, provide value….and don’t expect anything in return.

If you show people that you want to help them just for the sake of helping you’ll get it back in droves in ways you never considered. That’s what I love about what I do. I see random acts of kindness every day and it empowers me to pay it forward.