iphone fakers

Ok, I am obviously obsessed with “outing” the entire fraternity of iphone fakers on the net. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to meet several of them over the last week.

All the fakers insist on Western Union (Western Union does not suggest paying for online purchases via their service nor do they condone sending money to someone  you do not know personally. In fact, they tell you in no uncertain terms that, if you do send money to someone you do not know, chances are you are being taken. http://www.westernunion.com/WUCOMWEB/staticMid.do?method=load&pagename=fraudIndex)

So, here are some names of people that I have had dealings with this week that insist on Western Union. BTW, I asked everyone for serial numbers. Some would provide, others said “we don’t do that”. RED FLAG!!!! Even having the serial number does not protect you though because a stolen phone’s serial number will still show up on the iphone serial number checking site. (see my iphone post to see how you can get around this)

Without further adieu, here are some of the people and companies I think must be big, fat liars!

Qunicy Disney – also super rude. He thinks that WU makes him legit. Ha ha ha.

Nuel Samson – have to give it to him, he tried hard. Gave me a correct serial number but when he suggested I change the name on the WU money order then change it back after I was satisfied I got suspicious. WU lists this specifically as a common con. Good try Nuel.

Thomas Owen – “we don’t give out serial numbers until we confirm payment”. WTF?

Hammed Ali

Jack Oliver

Phillip Smith

Lisandros Olic


phillip.store@ hotmail.com

electronic systems support

Peter Lui – he was diligent but also gave wrong serial numbers. Like I’m not going to check. pfftt.


I’ll update this page as I find new frauds to uncover. I hope you have found this page before you get taken for an iphone ride.

I’m really disappointed that so many people are so dishonest. I have to go to yoga now and centre my bloody chi!