May 31 2010

Toronto Can Suck my &%(* Right Now!

It is a widely accepted truth, among all Canadians, that the westcoast of Canada is the most beautiful place to live. As compensation for this designation we allow Toronto to hold sway over multi-culturalism and Calgary to keep it’s rep as a (more) northern Montana.

Anyone who watched the Olympics can attest to the fact that Vancouver is gorgeous. So what if we didn’t have a ton of snow in February, we hosted a helluva party.

But now things have changed. Over the last week the weather has been mis-behaving. Mother Nature has forsaken us. Seriously, WTF is she thinking?

I’ve posted a photo from theweathernetwork.com that illustrates my point. Things is all bass-ackwards across this beautiful country but it is no where more noticeable than in the most beautiful city in Canada, Vancouver.

So it’s not enough that they now get to have all the best restaurants (everything you can imagine too. Seriously great eats in TO) but now, this month, they get to claim the weather trophy as well.

I cry FOUL!

Dear Toronto, we want our fucking weather back! Stop being so greedy!

If you don’t give it back all of us transplanted Ontarians will come back and crowd your beaches and cottages!

That’s really all I have to say on the subject.

May 30 2010

I Fucking Hate Bikrams (Hot Yoga)

I fucking hate hot yoga (Bikrams). I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

Look at this guy in the photo. Is this a good testament for hot yoga? I don’t think so! Sure he’s skinny and bendy but really, do you want to be THAT skinny? Or even THAT bendy?

I hate all the people in hot yoga too. In their little short shorts or even bathing suits. With their hot little bodies looking all tanned and glistening.

Throughout the practice the instructor is forever saying nonesense like “don’t compare yourself to others” “don’t push too hard”. They don’t mean it. They want you to look at all those other people and wish you were them. They tell you that every pose has a progression and that even the masters have never found the end of that progression.

WTF? I’m NEVER going to be good at this? Ever? What? What’s the point?

I will admit that I have just finished a hot yoga class. Rumours abound that all the hip opening causes emotional upheaval in people. I don’t see it….well, maybe I’m a little big angry at hot yoga but I refuse to believe my irritation has anything to do with my tight hips. (30 years of running is not conducive to loose hips. Loose lips on the other hand….that’s a different post)

Yet, somewhere in the back of my type A mind, I feel that maybe hot yoga is better for you than regular yoga. It’s harder, you breath harder, your muscles stretch more, everything hurts afterwards…and for days.

Damnit! Now I’m making a case to actually do MORE Bikrams.

I’m not entirely sure that yoga that makes you angry is the way to go but maybe I’ll give it another chance. I don’t wanna look like this guy though. Promise me that won’t happen.

May 29 2010

Be Inspiring

Tonight I just had the pleasure and honour of watching the movie Invictus.  If you live under a rock or in a cave somewhere without tv or movies you can check out what I’m talking about here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invictus_(film).

The film Invictus is one of those ones that you watch and your throat closes a little. You find that your chest hurts and your eyes mist up. It brings you to a place that you would stay forever, were it possible.

In some cases it may make you feel bad. You may feel that Mandela overcame such insurmountable odds to pull a country together and you’ve done nothing with your life.

How can a man who spent 27 years in prison under oppressive government after oppresive government have the hope required to believe that one day, one day, things would change? How can that exist in one’s soul?

But you see, neither way is the way of great men/women like Mandela. They do not dwell on what is “impossible”. They see everything as possible. They work toward their goal with a single-mindedness that belies all reason.

Why is it that some can do that and others cannot? What drives them? What makes a great man/woman great?

The catalyst is often different. In Mandela’s case he believed that common human decency would win out in the end. Ghandi too.

In Terry Fox’s case he was struck with the single-mindedness of his own journey. Had he never gotten cancer he may never have become the inspiration he did. The indescribable good done in his name has lived well beyond his physical self to become a Canadian institution and National source of great pride.

While the reason for greatness comes in many forms, the great have one thing in common.

Passion. It’s simple but beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Without passion there is no greatness.

Without passion there is no inspiration, there is only the individual. For a lack of passion requires very little work. If you do not believe in what you’re doing you will never convince another to believe in it either.

So if you watch Invictus and feel that you have done little with your life when so many have done so much remember this. You can be great. You can be inspiring. You can can improve the world around you.

But only you can determine your passion. Only you can inspire others to your passion and, in turn push them to inspire still more.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your passion is. Not everyone is meant to find it early in life. Gorbachev changed the world at 59. Mandela was 76 when he threw his hat in to the political ring that would lead him to the Presidency.

There is no question that passion is what drives all inspiration but it is not the only thing. When you find your passion you must not stray from it. You must not allow those who are jealous or negative to stand in the way of your goals.

If your passion is strong enough, they cannot ever stop you. Each wall that is put in front of you must be overcome with strength of mind and the courage of your convictions. Every suggestion should be considered and weighed over the greater good your passion means to create.

Obstacles can be overcome in so many ways. You can go over them, around them or straight through them but you cannot let them deter you from the path you have chosen because your passion is your mission in life and it will give you warmth and purpose.

Do not feel that you must inspire the world or a nation or even your town. Inspire one person today. Show one other person your passion and improve the way they see the world.

Inspire your children to do so. Show them that life is a great, fun journey of learning and that every time they learn something that makes them feel good, pass it along. Teach them to inspire those around them.

I find inspiration everywhere. From movies like Invictus to biographies and fiction. I see it in my children when they help someone or repeat a story about Canadian Ice Skater Joannie Rochette. She inspired them, they inspire others with her story.

Find something in every day that will ignite passion.

There are many secrets to living a wonderful, happy and fulfilling life. To be inspiring is one of those secrets.

Feel good my friends.

I leave you with the poem Invictus that inspired Nelson Mandela those many years of imprisonment and urge you to share it with those people you want to inspire or who have inspired you.


May 28 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling tired and shitty…What’s the first thing you do?

Hey all your mommy bloggers (whoops, that’s discriminatory. It should read “hey all you multi-gendered parental bloggers. That’s better!)

Quick poll here.

What’s the first thing you do when you drag your ass out of bed in the morning? i.e. is it coffeee? computer? dirty diaper?

Here’s my routine, in quick, easy-to-read point form for efficiency sake.

1. disentangle myself from random kid in my bed (who would have snuck in in the middle of the night to launch a full body assault with her feet)

2. pee (had to be said)

3. hit the on button on my computer while simultaneously checking texts on the iphone.

4. gently and I mean GENTLY wake up 11 year old bear in the other room.

5. listen patiently to myriad of excuses why said bear cannot attend school today.

6. listen patiently to why bear needs to be woken up earlier in order to do her hair. (NB – early attempts to wake up bear have been met with profanity and violence)

7. get weigh-laid by massive hugging session with smaller version of bear who is not quite in bear stages in the morning yet.

8. (this one changes from day to day) make breakfast or yell at bear to get the hell out of bed, or instruct smaller bear in the art of dressing. Any number of things can happen in this moment and whatever it is usually sets the tone for the remainder of the day.

9. give up on bear and check computer.

9a. google analytics + entourage (simultaneously)

9b. twitter

9c. divahh.com (erase all stupid spammy comments)

9d. hotmail

9e. sometimes I get around to Facebook

10. remind bears that teeth will fall out if ignored. This comment is often met with derision but they grudgingly acquiesce when reminded of impending Dentist visits. hee hee.

11. subtly suggest that homework, notices, library books, snacks should be included in the backpack BEFORE leaving the house.

12. kick bears to the curb for their 2 min walk to school.

13. sigh with relief…pause…

14. WORK! (the easiest part so far!)

K, send a comment with your routine. This should be fun!