Jun 12 2010

Saying Goodbye to My Firstborn…Camera that is.

It’s been a wonderful love affair. The one between my first digital SLR camera and me.

We’ve been through a lot together, learning to work together, frustrated at some results, delighted at others.

Our 9 year relationship has seen much. To be honest, all the changes have mostly been mine. The camera hasn’t changed much. In fact, it’s never even needed a doctor’s appointment or anything. It’s the most low-maintenance thing in my life.

Despite our long-standing mutual adoration the time has come to amp up my game. I don’t do a ton of pro photography anymore but what I do do (ha ha, I said “do do”) requires a lot more photoshopping than I’m comfortable with. I think the actuation on the camera are about at their past-due date.

So, yesterday I did it! I bought a new rig.

It’s really cute and pretty and feels a bit…um…light. Like my old camera after a 30 day cleanse.

I introduced the 2 of them this morning. (see pic) I didn’t sense any animosity so I am going to leave them alone for a few hours, see if my mature camera can give the new kid on the block some pointers.

They’ve already traded lenses like tweens trading dresses at a slumber party so I think all will be well.

Looking forward to sharing lots of pix and vids with you all in the future!

Jun 11 2010

No Really! It WAS a Banana, I Swear!

No really, it was a banana, I swear to God!

The other day my kids were hanging at a friend’s place. A place we call Club Med for kids cuz the parents work all the time and make up for it by buying every, conceivable toy for the kids.

There’s the water slide and the tree house and the electric car and pretty much every thing that my kids covet. (I’d say secretly covet but they’re too young to hide their honesty still and will say “Let’s go over to ???? cuz they have a pool!” Ya gotta love that.)

Anyway, so I go over to meet them and take them to a movie. I figured they’d be in the back, cuz that’s where all the cool junk is. I walked through the carport but no one was out back so I turned to go ’round the front.

As I was walking out of the carport something happened. It was so fast that it didn’t register in my brain. In a nanosecond it seemed that I was airborne.

Turns out I had slipped. My right foot slipped on something slippery (uh, of course it was slippery, duh!) and went flying out in front of me. To compensate, my left foot flipped over and skidded (in a flip flop) along it’s top, across the pavement.

I thought it was dog shit. As I was going down hard on the left knee I distinctly thought “Crap, I’ve slipped in dog shit, this is annoying!” Then I went through a surprising number of expletives in the time it took me to hit the ground. Amazing how the mind works!

Anyway, I was down, on one knee, taking stock of what was hurt. I knew the top of my left foot and the left knee took the brunt of everything. When I rose I turned to look at the shitty offender and found that it was, indeed, a banana. (not a peel, which would have made this story a lot funnier but who am I to embellish for effect ;)

What kind of a jerk leaves banana in the middle of the walking area? Mind you, there is a banana-eating baby at the house so I can’t be too annoyed.

All in all, there wasn’t a lot of damage done and the re-telling of the story more than makes up for any discomfort I had.

I have to say though, without the 30+ days of yoga that preceeded the fall I think I would have been far more hurt. Like a pulled hamstring for one. The strength in my legs definitely saved me further injury. So thanks to down dog and all her pals for bulking me up to survive death by banana!

Jun 8 2010

Losing Weight FAST!

When you drop weight fast with a program like Isagenix it’s a bit of a shock.

You wake up in the morning, expecting to see the you you’re used to then BAMB! there’s this skinnier version of you staring back from the bathroom mirror.

It’s cool in a way because you don’t have time to be hyper-critical of how you look. You know the game right?

“If I lose 20lbs I’ll be happy”.  Then you drop the 20 through massive hard-work and sacrifice and you manage to find something else to be unhappy about.

“Oh look, now that I’ve lost some weight I have knee wrinkles”. (or a chin wattle, or extra elbow skin or, the mack-daddy of all women’s weight loss complaints…wait for it…swinging, saggy arm fat!)

So far, I haven’t done that. I made a promise to myself when I was 166lbs that when I lost 20lbs I would marvel at my new bod and be happy with myself. I’d cut myself some slack and be proud that I had finally made the effort to do something about the way I looked.

And guess what? It’s working! I AM happy. I AM proud. I AM 25lbs lighter than I was 7 weeks ago. That’s a shit-load of weight! That’s beginning Biggest Loser weight loss on an end-of-show Biggest Loser frame!

So suck it little voice inside my head that used to stand in the way. You’re an asshole anyway and I’m not listening to your nonsense anymore.

I’m heading out to yoga now to train the little voice some more. I think that the whip and chair that I’ve been using to get that lil voice in line has worked wonders. I also think that training said lil voice is the key to success in all things you do.

If you want to learn more about how I dropped the tonnage read some of the dieting (yuck) posts on this site and please feel free to email me or leave a comment. I’m pretty good at responding!

Jun 7 2010

How Penny Auction Swoopo Helped Mop My Kitchen Floor

I agree that the title “How Penny Auction Swoopo Helped Mop My Kitchen Floor” may seem like a stretch but just bear with me for a moment and it will all become clear.

This weekend I discovered the wonderful, magical world of the penny auction. My discovery came in the form of Swoopo but there are a bunch of others out there. I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of them, you can google penny actions and fill yer boots with the info that’s already out there.

Here’s a 20 second explanation of what a penny auction is.

1. you buy bids in packages. each bid costs 60¢. packages range from 20 bids to 800 (i think)

2. you find the item you like and bid on it.

3. if you have the highest bid, you win.

4. stuff you ought to know that will convince you that you will NOT win.

a) if you, or anyone else, bids in the last 5 seconds an additional 20 sec is added to the clock

b) there are bid robots out there and professional swoopo people who are simply better than you are

Swoopo is basically gambling. I like to gamble but I only play craps because it gives me a sense that my strategy has something to do with my success.

I spent about 6 hours researching Swoopo on the net. There are a ton of sites and videos that tell you how to “beat swoopo” but none of them give you any real information. I stopped short of buying some buys $7 e-book on how to win at swoopo. I figured that was throwing good money after bad.

Here’s what I did. I bought $70 worth of bids (i really want that D90 in the photo) I set my “bid butler” a few times during the 2 auctions I participated in. I watched each auction carefully. I didn’t win :(

Not only that but I thought I was clever while watching the bidding. I figured that those 15 people who were bidding would probably fall away toward the end of the auction and then my patience would pay off and I could “swoop” in and grab the final bids.

WRONG! That’s not how it worked. In fact, the auction ended abruptly with several people still bidding.

I found one site that said that it’s virtually impossible to win due to network lag and some other techy stuff. I’m going to have to agree with him on that one.

I lost $70. Not so bad but not so good either. I’m non too happy about it.

More importantly though, I lost sleep. I couldn’t sleep knowing my bid butler was doing all the work. I got out of bed at 1am and started following my auction again. At 4pm when it was at $11 I set a higher bid butler and went to bed.

8 am came mighty early!

What does this all have to do with my kitchen floor?

I’m tired today. After dragging myself out of bed and even having a shower I was still pretty wiped out. I didn’t even turn on the mac right away opting instead to do some of the dishes the kids left behind after getting themselves up and ready for school (god, I love those kids :)

Anyway, I put the lemonade in the fridge. (organic btw) but the fridge door wouldn’t close. Presumably because I put the container in the way. So I lifted the container by the lid…you see where this is going right?

Lemonade everywhere! Sigh.

Skip ahead to me, on my hands and knees, wiping the kitchen floor with one of those Swiffer wet thingys cuz I don’t know what happened to the actual Swiffer mop.

All in all I learned 2 lessons today. 1. Swoopo is stoopo. and 2. don’t pick up the lemonade by the lid stupidhead!

*^&%##@ Namaste!