Pitches and PR

I am always happy to review products that offer some sort of benefit to my readers. If you want to send me a pitch for a swanky new fish gutting machine chances are you will receive an email that says something like “ew, god.”

However, if you have a genuine product that you feel strongly would appeal to the people that read my blog, I would be happy to review it and post my findings here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

That said, I will always assess products based on their environmental footprint first so if you want a great review, you’ll need to keep that in mind. Some of the coolest products in the world would fail this test because they are either made from non-recycled material or have to be shipped thousands of miles to their target market.

One more wee point; if I don’t like your product I will not give it a good review, not much of a liar. If I do, however, I will blab about it to everyone within 3 feet of me.

Good luck!


Contact me at: pitches (at) divahh (dot) com