Jul 10 2010

Biggest Bread EVER!

In our on-going attempt to eat healthy we now make bread, lots of bread.

Think bread-maker on crack.

When we bake bread we make 4 loaves at a time. This activity saves tons of mess and cleanup because when you use a bread-maker you can only do 1 loaf at a time and have to clean up the whole shebang after each effort.

See? Smart huh?

I don’t know how much you know about bread but it’s really not an exact science. Bread is not hard to make, it just flies in the face of everything you’ve been taught about following recipes.

When we first came up with this brilliant plan (motivated as much by $5 loaves of “organic” bread as it was by the whole eating healthy, 100 mile diet thing) we discovered that there are many, many, many ways to make bread without a bread maker. And as many ways as there are (that’s a questionably constructed sentence isn’t it? ;) there are people on the internet with an instructional video.

We followed several of those peeps but they were rarely making whole wheat bread and guess what? There’s a big difference between the whole wheat and the bleached to shit, no nutrients left in it, nasty white nonesense that most people seem to be using. To which I would kindly suggest that they just buy Wonder Bread. It’s just as crappy for you as that white junk you’re making but at least they add a few minerals to their formula.

But, I digress.

Ironically, the very best bread recipe for whole wheat bread came from the side of the bloody whole wheat flour bag. Go figure.

So, after several hit and misses from internet bread-making self-styled gurus, that the kids were required to choked down, we have now hit on a winner!

I’d re-print the recipe for you here but I used up all the whole wheat flour and threw out the bag. You’re now going to have to wait for the new “home-grown recipe” section of my blog or go out and get a bag of whole wheat flour :)

The image above is Shaye kissing the biggest loaf we’ve made so far. Now we know how commercial bread gets it’s shape! You just put in wayyyy too much bread batter so that when it bakes it goes over the edges of the pan. Who knew?