Jun 3 2010

Non Controversial Venting

Ok, so after a day to think about things I want to post something positive.
I’m all about the positive. I have made a good portion of my day, my week, my year, my life about not only being positive but inspiring others to do so.
Everyday I wake up and think about what I can do today to make things better in the lives of the people around me. Whether that means something as simple as waking my children up with a kiss or sending a note of encouragement to a friend, the act matters less than the thought of the act.
In the last year I have helped people find jobs, I have helped strengthen, mould and mentor kids and teens in both cheer and track training.
I have made posters for Haiti and volunteered in the classroom.
I’ve participated in the school fair, helped friends move, organized surprise parties and saved a cat.
I work very hard at staying positive in the life that I lead. It’s important not just so I can sleep at night but also so that my kids realize that just because our situation may look bleak on paper sometimes (living in a cabin sans water for 4 months) that our attitudes do not need to match that.
I’m working toward taking my show on the road to inspire kids and adults in the secret to leading a productive, happy life. To setting and achieving goals and to get in the face of barriers to those goals and say “piss off”.
Whatever the outcome of the negative events of the day, I am happy knowing that I am authentic. Whether that means venting about something that upsets me or inspiring someone to something great, I am true to me.
So here’s the point; being true to yourself is not always the popular action.
Others may misinterpret your meaning but that’s really on them, isn’t it?
Even though intent doesn’t mitigate impact you should never be afraid to be authentic.
One caveat to this is if, in your honesty, you hurt others it may require a re-think.
Just sayin’.
Tomorrow is a brand new, fantastic day and I, for one, cannot wait to see where it takes me.
The journey has been bumpy but bloody exciting as hell. Let’s get on with it!