May 27 2010

Yoga Farts – a necessary evil

I’m fairly sure that this has happened to everyone at least once during their yoga practice.
You get yourself up in shoulder stand or down dog and…BAMB! one slips out.
How embarrassing! Memories of grade school sphincter indiscretions pop into your head and you lose focus of what post you’re supposed to in.
You quickly steal glances around the room to make sure no one else noticed and if you happen to catch someone’s knowing eye you die a thousand deaths.
Ah, the yoga fart is most definitely the scrouge of all yoga practicers.
Last night, during power yoga, I was especially gassy. I did my best to hold in those annoying little SBD’s but a few slipped past the blockade.
I think it’s the crazy positions you’re meant to do in yoga that cause this phenomenon. I’m not entirely sure we’re meant to be pulled and prodded and yanked into pretzel shapes. Maybe yoga farts are the universe’s way of telling us that this is just not good for you!
Or maybe I’m just looking for co-farters so that I don’t feel like the only one who has disturbed the zen of the room with a big, smelly toot.
More yoga today. Wonder what this practice will smell like? :)