May 19 2010

iphone fakes are everywhere!

OK, I know I’m harping on the iphone thing but holy shit! These guys are everywhere and they will tell you anything to get you to send them Western Union money.
Even if the phone is legitimate chances are it could be stolen. Now what? If you buy a stolen phone, take it to your provider for activation guess what? They take it from you. Yikes!
K, here’s the best advice to not get burned with a stolen phone…All carriers that handle that specified model has access to the black listed ESN hot list. So, tell them you bought a phone on ebay and want them to run the esn number, tell them you aren’t a customer and you dont want to discuss plans, rates, contracts nothing but the esn number. You will know immediately. It takes me 30 seconds to check. That is your only way to check before you get screwed.
Good luck.