May 31 2010

Toronto Can Suck my &%(* Right Now!

It is a widely accepted truth, among all Canadians, that the westcoast of Canada is the most beautiful place to live. As compensation for this designation we allow Toronto to hold sway over multi-culturalism and Calgary to keep it’s rep as a (more) northern Montana.

Anyone who watched the Olympics can attest to the fact that Vancouver is gorgeous. So what if we didn’t have a ton of snow in February, we hosted a helluva party.

But now things have changed. Over the last week the weather has been mis-behaving. Mother Nature has forsaken us. Seriously, WTF is she thinking?

I’ve posted a photo from theweathernetwork.com that illustrates my point. Things is all bass-ackwards across this beautiful country but it is no where more noticeable than in the most beautiful city in Canada, Vancouver.

So it’s not enough that they now get to have all the best restaurants (everything you can imagine too. Seriously great eats in TO) but now, this month, they get to claim the weather trophy as well.

I cry FOUL!

Dear Toronto, we want our fucking weather back! Stop being so greedy!

If you don’t give it back all of us transplanted Ontarians will come back and crowd your beaches and cottages!

That’s really all I have to say on the subject.