Jun 22 2010

Melanie Milletics is my new BFF!

Melanie Milletics is my new BFF. No kidding. She’s wicked cool, looks great, mommy of 2 great kids, smart as a whip and, best of all, ridiculously giving in her knowledge.

Here’s the Cole’s Notes version of my last year so that I can “set up” why MM is now my BFF.

In the middle of my separation, prior to a signed agreement, I lost my great job as a Recruiter at a video game company. A job that gave me rock star status among my kid’s friends and was a ton of fun to boot.

Skip ahead a few months to the running out of the severance package but before Employment Ins kicked in. I was freaking out. My ex had lost his very VERY!!!! high-paying job (that he got the day after we broke up. Great timing Jac) and was working for a fraction of his former salary. Add to that the fact that he had a massive debt he had to clear and BAMB, I was left with nada.

We had to sell the house in the worst, and I mean WORST housing market in about 200,000 years. I now drive my equity around in a 2001 Volvo. Don’t get me wrong, I love the car but a few extra debt-reduction bucks would not have gone unappreciated.

After the sale of the house the cash was tied up for a while so the girls and I took advantage of a friend’s hospitable offer to move into her back cottage. (no water, no toilet, just a room but a roof was better than a tent in my book) The great irony was that we had a hot tub just outside the door. Shabby chic much?

Anyway, I wasn’t idle in my unemployment. I was online every, single day searching for ways to make money and not have to commute the 45 min to Vancouver. (no one was hiring Recruiters anyway, everyone was laying off everyone else, the last thing they needed was a Recruiter)

While searching for online activities I still scoured Craigslist and other job sites to find something but there was nothing, or at least, nothing anyone would hire me to do.

Since I was broke I couldn’t afford the several grand that most internet marketers were charging for mentoring someone new. Honestly, it felt like a big, exclusive club that I could not, for the life of me, break into.

And I worked it too. Every day I spent hours trying to figure out how to monetize my love of the net. I’m a natural salesperson, I write well, I love people, and not for nothin’, I’m bloody smart. Why couldn’t I figure it out?

Eventually I got a job that I really love and I stopped my hunt for an online career figuring it was one of those pipe dreams and that really no one made a living online.

The job I do now is awesome. It envelopes all the things that are important to me; my community, local food production, environmentalism etc. Don’t tell my boss this but I’d probably do it for free if I were in a position to do so. (shhhh!)

However, it’s a contract and, as such, could end with little warning. A notion that scares the bejesus out of me.

I need something that I am in control of. Something that will yield in proportion to my effort. Something that will allow me to stay home with the kids yet afford to travel with them, to buy an environmentally friendly house.

Enter Melanie. I found her when a friend suggested I look at her Sponsoring Success “how to set up a blog” video and pdf. In less than 4 hours I had my blog all set up and running beautifully. (this is it btw ;)

It was awesome! She told me how to do everything, made it super clear and essentially got me writing which is something I’d always wanted to do.

Intrigued by this FREE information (and it is free, no joke, no bullshit. free, free, free) I went and took a closer look at Mel’s site. Wow, it’s awesome.

The point of this article is that I don’t care if you believe you can make cash from the net or not. I don’t. I do however, think that if you want to know how all of those internet marketers work and what you’d be paying for if you joined up with one of them, you really ought to read her stuff first.

Why? Cuz it’s FREE! Sheesh, haven’t you been listening?

I definitely want to be Mel M when I grow up!

If your interest has been piqued, check out Melanie’s site at http://www.sponsoringsuccess.net/. I’m really glad I did.