May 26 2010

Newb Takes on Tweetdeck

Holy shit, have you seen Tweetdeck? It’s insane! This is going to take some getting used to but as I have advised people in the past, you eventually get used to everything.
Do you ever get that feeling of being over-whelmed when trying to learn something new?
Of course you do. If you said “no” you’re a big, fat liar and we can definitely be friends ;)
In the last 30 days I’ve: lost 20lbs, done 26 days straight of yoga, learned how to create this site in word press, learned how to use twitter, set up friends on twitter, joined an mlm (only 1 and only because I have successfully used the product) and now am learning twitdeck. (oops, I meant tweet, not twit.)
Not to mention the fact that my first kick at the word press can didn’t go quite as smoothly as it could have. Mostly because I wanted my blog to look like Heather Anderson’s (dooce (dot) com)¬†which is epic and cool and pretty and has lots of pictures which I could do if my camera would cooperate.
Tangent there, sorry.
I’ve learned so much in the last month that it’s a good thing my head wasn’t filled with a lot of useless learnin’ before cuz it’s allowed lots of room for useful learnin’ now (don’t know why that’s funnier with a country twang, it just is ok!? Jeez)
I’m happy to share this stuff with you if you want to learn too. I’m not saying I’m a guru by any stretch of the imagination but I will say that I am close enough to having just learned it all that I will remember all the shit you have to go through to learn something new.
The biggest trick is DON’T PANIC! You have time. You don’t have to learn it all in a day, a week a month etc.
So many of us mommy types feel like we have to jam every task into a snippet of time that “we” think is reasonable. Give yourself a bloody break here and think about the benefits the final product will bring you.
Good luck.
Hit me at jax (at) divahh (dot) com if you want some help or have any other tips for moi!
Love to share!