Jun 23 2010

I Hate Stuff Like This

Look, I know I wax poetic about the power of positive thinking and my neuro-linguistics training doesn’t often allow me to say things like “hate” but it totally burns me up that these things exist.

What am I talking about?

Tweet Attacks. (I’m not including the link cuz it’s stupid and mean and not even remotely in the spirit of what Twitter is meant to be!)

Tweet Attacks is just one example of an automated system that is designed to use a human interaction tool, like Twitter and turn it into a robot.

I don’t even care if the thing produces income, I think it sucks bum.

I’m going to start a new page on my blog entitled “stupid crap on the net that says it will make you money but that really is horrible and causes lack of human interaction” (maybe with a smaller name though. ;)

Stand by for more “outings” of stupid stuff.