May 21 2010

Isagenix is My New BFF!

Ok, here it is Day 30 on the Isagenix cleanse and I’ve lost 18 lbs and I don’t even know how many inches (mostly because I’ve been so chuffed about the poundage lost that I don’t really care about inches. Although it must be significant because all my size 10 clothes fit now.)
If you’re thinking about trying the cleanse but haven’t pulled the trigger yet I would highly suggest it.
Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits that I have noticed this month:
1. everyone I see comments on the fact that the whites of my eyes are super bright white. (weird but a telling sign of good health)
2. Oh yah, I’ve lost 18lbs!
3. All my gorgeous, expensive clothes that haven’t fit in 18 months now fit and are a bit loose!
4. I have been able to do 18 straight days of yoga and feel really zen and happy.
5. I’m not yelling at my kids.
6. I’m not thinking about how fat I am, freeing my mind to think about more important things like how to get silly putty out of a fleece jacket.
7. My productivity has gone through the roof.
8. So has my creativity.
9. I plan my meals and cook very healthy dinners with my kids.
10. I look so friggin’ hot right now that a guy that I used to like (and who sent me the “I’m kinda seeing someone now” text even though we had been flirting for quite some time. Guess I wasn’t the only one) dropped his jaw in the schoolyard the other day (yes, I pick up at school, so what of it?! Don’t mock me! ;)
11. My hair is bloody fantastic!
12. Did I mention I lost 18lbs?

Ok, enough with what it did for me. Here’s the deal, I make absolutely no claims that Isagenix will work for everyone. It has done wonderful things for me but, then again, I am diligent and committed. People who aren’t will not get the same results.
If you want to try it or read more about it click on the link on the right side of my blog and it will take you to my Isa home page.
I’m going to post some photos on here in the next few days (once I figure out how to post from the iphone ;)